How to play Aztec (Detailed Instruction of the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition civilization) in 2022


Do you wonder what you should do when your game’s civilization is Aztec? Where are the strengths and weaknesses? What strategy should you go for? What are the key points I have to have in mind? Do you question yourself, how to play Aztecs?

These are the questions that I aim to answer in this blog. I want to teach you how to play Aztec.

Age of Empires II is a real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. The current remastered series Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is the latest version which is being played competitively.

Aztec Ancient Concrete Temple

1. Overview

Aztec is an Infantry and Monk civilization and is considered as one of the strongest land civilizations. Their villagers carry +3 more resources compared to other civilizations which give them a nice boost relatively speaking.

A big contributor to their strength is also their 11% faster military unit production. This way they can a) react faster to counter their opponents attacking them or b) initiate a strong offense. In addition,the production boost also means that not so many resources need to be utilized to get military production facilities out.

Aztec monks are the strongest in the game. They have the specialty that by each completed monk-related upgrade in the monastery their monks gain an addition +5 hit points making them arguably the strongest unit in the game in Imperial Age.

Their team bonus is that all allies, the Aztec player included, generate the relic gold income by 33% faster.

Top 3 civilization to face as Atzecs

Goths, Koreans, Persians

Worst 3 civilizations to face as Atzecs

Bulgarians, Byzantines, Mongols

2. Unique Techs and Unique Unit

Aztecs are considered a meso civilization and thus don’t have any stable related unit or technology. I know there are some users out there that are thinking, Jordan you are wrong, what about the Xolotl Warrior. You guys are right!

2.1 Military Branch

Archer Branch

Aztecs get Arbalests and Elite Skirmisher. Their ranged units have Bracer and Leather Archer Armor. They lack Ring Archer Armor and Thumb Ring. Elite Skirmisher receive with their unique castle technology “Atlatl” +1 range and +1 attack. They don’t have access to Hand Cannoneers and Cavalry Archer.

Infantry Branch

Aztecs have the ability to get Champions, Pikeman and Elite Eagle Warriors. Their infantry is considered one of the strongest due to the extra +4 attack they get with their unique Imperial technology Garland Wars. Additionally, they get Blast Furnace and Plate Mail Armor.

Siege Workshop Branch

Aztecs have the ability to get two out of the three strongest siege types, which is the Siege Ram and Siege Onagers. They lack Bombard Cannons. Siege Engineers – which increases the siege units’ range and their damage output – is also available.

Dock Branch

Atzecs water is considered as one of the weakest in the game. Their lack of Galleon and Cannon Galleon upgrade is a huge disadvantage in Imperial Age compared to other civilizations. However, they got Shipwright, Dry Dock and Fare Fire Ships to their disposal. With that, water plays are possible as.


As mention above, the Monks are the special unit of Atzecs. There is nothing of the technology tree which isn’t available for this civilization.

2.2 Upgrade Branch


In the university they have Fortified Walls, Ballistics, Guard Tower, Heated Shot, Murder Holes, Treadmill Crane, Siege Engineers and Arrowslits.

Castle Branch

Their unique unit is an infantry unit named Jaguar Warrior. It is extremely powerful against other infantry units.

3. Strategies

Strategical options for Aztecs

If we now think about the strengths of the Aztecs, we can derive certain strategies from them. Keep in mind, no matter which strategy you go for, you always want to target the relics as they generate gold income +33% faster.

3.1 Monk rush

The most known one is the Monk rush. Due to their strong Monks, going for that strategy makes sense. Usually, when going that direction, you want to have at least two monasteries and a siege workshop to push your opponent. If he goes stable, you can add a barrack to produce Pikemen. The biggest risk of this strategy is being exposed at home as the Monk rush is very micro intense. Hence, walling yourself at home is inevitable. The more closed the map is, the better the strategy is going to be.

3.2 Eagle play in Castle Age

A good way to take advantage of Aztecs strengths is to go for eagles in Castle Age. By ensuring you are capable of doing that, you want to firstly open with three Man-at-Arms in Feudal range. Secondly you add one Archery Range, producing a mix of Skirmisher and Archers while you wall yourself up. In conclusion, once reaching Castle Age you start producing Eagles from three Barracks.

3.3 Archer play starting in Feudal Age

Nowadays, Crossbows can be considered the most powerful unit in Castle Age as it is so cost effective. That is something we can utilize as well with Atzecs. Try to get yourself into the position of going Archers in Feudal age. In castle Age you can continue with Crossbows and boom behind. Early Imperial Age you get the Arbalest and remaining range-relevant upgrades. Prepare a switch to infantry, however, as Arbalest aren’t going to make the cut without Thumb Ring most likely.

More informationn about Aztecs can also be found HERE.

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