Environmental awareness

It starts with yourself

We as humanity have to realize that resources on this planet are limited and the population has been growing steadily over decades. Hence, the personal resources we have, individually, are shrinking as well.

Getting out of your comfort zone

I have the feeling that a vast portion of our society is heading more and more toward mass consumption.

This leads to an increase of production, thus utilization of resources. A negative side-effect is a waste that accumulates itself over decades. Waste is a huge contributor for the world’s pollution.

The rapid development of technology (e.g., machines and robots) will lead to us humans becoming lazier over time as it is more comfortable.

This comes with a price tag, though. The demand for energy is increasing drastically and the transition from primary energy sources toward renewable energy sources will take time.

What’s the solution?

I think in order to solve the problem we need a combination of a) new technologies that are able to leverage the environmental problems (e.g., waste). and b) humanity being more aware of what impact their actions have.

As humans, individually, we can contribute small portions to enhance our environment.

We alone have a neglectable impact.
But us all together can change the world.

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